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August 6th, 2004
August 6th, 2004
August 6th, 2004
August 6th, 2004
August 6th, 2004

[User Picture]06:46 am - Random ideas boiling in my head...
I doubt many (any?) people have heard of this game, that read my LJ.

Check this out.

It's called either "Demon Dice" or "Chaos Progenitus" and is, like some other games, a semi-collectable dice game. In this one, instead of building armies and units, you build a single monster. 13 Dice, at least one 'Body' part needed, if all your 'Body' parts are dead, you lose, set em' up and go at it. It's very straight-forward, but it's also very, VERY hard to locate any of most of the time, as it's (more or less) out of print these days.

So... I got to thinking.

A) Would an on-line version of this game (with some kind of graphics or even 3D models, there's not many parts, and a limited number of combinations) be interesting to play with? Possibly with the option to hide some of the game-mechanics of how things work, so it's more "click what to attack, let the Monster figure out how to attack it" each round, so you can worry less about all the raw numbers and stats, and just Get On With The Beatdown.

B) Why hasn't this been re-released as a party game of sorts? The equivilant of the One With Everything package Steve Jackson games released.2 commentsLeave a comment

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