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June 24th, 2004
June 24th, 2004
June 24th, 2004
June 24th, 2004
June 24th, 2004

[User Picture]08:28 pm - *sigh* Why can't they make a GOOD laptop based on BATTERY instead of power?
Been nosing around for laptops to replace the huge multi-processor behemoth I current use as a desktop, but I've gotten sick and tired of four things performance has given me... noise, heat, energy drain (causing the heat) and the sheer size of a desktop machine.

So I'm trying to find a decent laptop, with some restrictions that may sound really wonky and odd.

I want this laptop's battery. A whopping 97680mWh behemoth. But not with an Athlon-64 monster-machine, as much as I want an Athlon-64 to work with eventually.

No, I want that battery, coupled with an ATI Radeon X600 Mobility and a medium-resolution screen (1024x768 is fine, 1280x800 would be ideal) with one of these processors. 6 Watts of power draw at peak. Compare that to 85 Watts for the Athlon-64 Mobile from the above laptop. Couple that with a safe estimate of 5 Watts for the graphics card, around 4 Watts for two fairly high-end laptop hard drives at full-tilt spin, and another 10 Watts for the various and sundry other stuff like memory and occasionally spinning CD/DVD drive.

Yes, the video card is overkill. For a reason. I want a card that can handle the medium-resolution screen with full anti-aliasing and filtering all the time, so I don't need or want a high-powered CPU.

So... why don't any laptop makers make laptops that focus on battery life and actual features, instead of raw performance, at the higher price points? Some people don't want to be able to run stuff at 1600x1200, we want a resolution that will never slow down no matter what we throw at it, even if that means we lose the ability to run some things even faster. A flatter performance curve, so to speak. Sure, it doesn't go as high, but it wouldn't go as low, either, and it would run far longer than the other laptops.

Ideally? I'd like to have a laptop that could run for 16 hours, an entire 'standard' waking day, powered on and used to play games with good graphics and a decent frame rate that entire time. And I think that can be done now, but all the big-money items are focussed too much on cramming the most over-the-top processor, and largest, power-sucking screen they can find. And that's really sad, because those are two parts you can't change after-market still.

But the above laptop I wish existed? No scorched lap, no noise unless you start playing with CD's or DVD's, could definately handle the battery-life I mentioned, would (as a result of using little power) meet my other request, low power draw, and since it's not trying to put a 1600x1200 screen on the thing, it could be nice and compact, though maybe not thin. Thin is one thing I don't really care about, overall size is far more important.

Is this a laptop other people would be interested in, or am I just so far outside of what the entire universe of 'average big-budget people' would want that I'm shouting into the ether uselessly? :-)5 commentsLeave a comment

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