The expanses of WolfWings' land
scratched on the wall for all to see

June 2nd, 2004
June 2nd, 2004
June 2nd, 2004
June 2nd, 2004
June 2nd, 2004

[User Picture]10:11 pm - I... I don't know if this is going to work afterall. =-.-=
I just drove back to the PS to pick up my stuff...

Sherwood is likely asleep, and Bill is playing a video game in his room like usual...

But Changa is off at the Gym, Mark is finishing a late-night job, and Rodney isn't home yet...

And I just can't stop crying. =-.-=

I... I don't know if I can physically stand to have to leave here... I never realized how much everyone here really does mean to me... until I left, thinking I'd never come back, and now I've come back... supposedly only for an hour or two to pick up my remaining stuff and drive back with it...

But I just can't stop crying...9 commentsLeave a comment

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