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April 25th, 2004
April 25th, 2004
April 25th, 2004
April 25th, 2004
April 25th, 2004

[User Picture]09:33 am - I Demand a Reciept for My Electronic Vote!

Now... many will misunderstand what I mean by posting to this image, and what the shorthand form of the request meant.

This isn't a lashing-out at Diebold, or any of the other, numerous, electronic-voting systems.

This isn't a request that my vote suddenly be trackable.

This is a demand that, if I place a vote with an electronic voting machine, I recieve a reciept that has a single fact it can prove:
What the votes cast for it are.

I don't need to be able to prove who cast the votes on the reciept (though what machine they were cast at could be useful to prevent double-voting attacks), only that the votes on the reciept are valid votes, and what those votes were, both in cleartext and in some form of durable, secure, provable fashion. The latter would likely involve encrypted data using public-key information, to prove that the reciept is valid as a side-effect.3 commentsLeave a comment

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