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April 25th, 2004
April 25th, 2004
April 25th, 2004
April 25th, 2004
April 25th, 2004

[User Picture]07:14 am - And speaking of interstellar progress...
...I got to poking around SocioSpace s'more. And realizing just what a huge pain in the rear it is to find some information on the FAQs listed on the site, mostly due to the sheer quantity of information, not at all due to the upkeep of the site. The information is there, but much like LiveJournal itself, some things are akward to find unless you realize what document to look in. A kind of 'sharp learning curve' as it were, that's very brief, but very, very sharp.

And I realized that might be one thing keeping more people from playing in SocioSpace, as getting back into it it's actually just fine, though dead-quiet most of the time. =-.-=

But that's not actually the real reason for this post. The real reason is compiling in the background as I write this, in fact. Okay, correction, was compiling in the background.

Gah... compile script had a bug in it, and found an extra compile-time option to improve things further for showing it off. Anyways, recompiling the map again.

So what am/have I been working on for SocioSpace? A 3D map of a ship I own in SocioSpace (ShadowRunner), that I'm in the process of building out internally as well, but wanted to make a 3D model of first. Built in GtkRadiant, using a texture set inspired and heavilly based on the iconography of Quake2, so it has a very grimey, technical, well-worn feel to the graphics.

Multiple views of fictional spaceship ShadowRunner

And yes, it can be fully navigated in-game, except for the 'command deck' that I haven't actually mapped out and designed yet, so it's a huge (unlit) flat 'panel' area.

And yes, those boxy, rounded lumps are what I think 'cargo modules' would look like for a ship this big. And no, I don't have weapon mounts created yet, those will be mounted onto the front and back faces of the hull, as turret-mounted objects. That seems the most realistic placement allowing for near-full coverage, considering the ship isn't meant to be a military ship, merely a well-defended and quite quick civilian cargo/passenger transport.

And no, there aren't any 'visible' engines on that model. Look down near the 'lower' edge. See that darker colour material? That's actually exposed 'high tech' material, with the concept based on large quantities of ionic engines, a concept we know works, and can reach extremely high speeds, but has crap for maneuverability due to its low (but steady) acceleration curve.

And yes, I skipped showing a 'top view' of the ship, as it's a flat, randomly tiled square-panel texture, as I haven't carved that section up yet to build the 'command deck' internally, or airlocks externally. Nor have I taken any 'internal' shots yet, as I don't have the lighting done yet. But, I'm happy with what I've accomplished so far.

And yes, I know the background sucks. :-)2 commentsLeave a comment

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