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April 23rd, 2004
April 23rd, 2004
April 23rd, 2004
April 23rd, 2004
April 23rd, 2004

[User Picture]03:32 am - Well... trudging through the interstellar date support now.
Since I'm adding a fictional planet, I decided for completeness to add a 'real' planet as well.

The trick, first off, is that I'm going to need to create an effective clock for mars that can be converted to/from the terran clock. Believe it or not, Pendorian time is much simpler, because it's meant to be an engineered world that syncs simply with Earth. Mars... is an assload of dice that come up random numbers all the time that I have to sift through.

There's numerous conflicting 'fantasy' standards for martian time and clocks, usually based on something silly like 'martians only have four fingers, so base-8' and the like.

Me? I'm approaching this with the two-fisted sledgehammers of math and fractional reduction.

This actually makes things surprisingly simple. First off, the martian day breaks down (ignoring fractional second errors) to 2, 23, 41, and 47. Pair the 2 with the 23, and you get 41, 46, and 47. Interesting, no?

I'm going to use the 46 for the 'hour' so I can retain the AM/PM support in LJ layouts, and say that 41 minutes in an hour is close enough to 40 that it makes for easy 'quarter hour' thoughts. Leaving the 47 for the seconds.

So, we end up with a planet with 46 hours of 41 minutes, each lasting 47 seconds. Again, ignoring the fractional second which we let accumulate and handle with leap-days later.

That sound reasonable so far? Or should I just have a 13th hour that only has 37 minutes and 22 seconds in it? =^.^=

Figured I'd check on this before I go after the calendar, as that's going to have over 600 days in it. =O.o=0 commentsLeave a comment

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