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April 9th, 2004
April 9th, 2004
April 9th, 2004
April 9th, 2004
April 9th, 2004

[User Picture]07:47 am - Whew... that's taken care of!
My room's packed... painted... and about to be emptied over the next two days as I swap places with Sherwood. =O.o= Guess it's really happening.

In other news, working a BUNCH next week, yay! Mom's looking into buying a house in Pomona (LONG story), and I've helped her find renters for the lower floor. She's keeping the upper floor, and I may use the upper floor.

Annoyingly, I found out why DMV was always busy previously when I'd call. They block cell-phone calls, so I can't make an appointment or even call them via my personal phone number, I have to use a landline. That seems like a rather obnoxious oversight on their part, to me.

Also I may have a car soonish! Will need to check it out, even longer story involved there, that ties into the house-in-Pomona thing.

And lionman? Sorry I never replied to your post. I've been so freakin' busy with packing and cleaning and everything else I just never found time to sit down and more than skim LJ. =-.-=

mira_fastfire? What's a good time to call you this weekend? Assuming you're not doing anything, of course. =^.^= Wanna talk, check some plans with you. *hugs* And I love you... in ways that words can't begin to express properly... in ways that made going without LJ and without calling you on the cell phone painful at times, even as I fight to move closer to you. *hugs tight again*

Anyways... off to relax, unpack a sheet and blanket, and sleep at some point tonight. *waves to everyone*7 commentsLeave a comment

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