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April 3rd, 2004
April 3rd, 2004
April 3rd, 2004
April 3rd, 2004
April 3rd, 2004

[User Picture]09:22 pm - Okay... GIMP 2.0 officially rocks...

They FINALLY released it. I've downloaded it and been going back and forth between it and 1.x just to see how much it's changed.

It's... hard to quantify the change as being the same program, except it still retains the feature most liked by me and most hated by most of the existing world of graphics editors apparently... it uses seperate windows for everything, which I consider an absolute requirement for any program I use.

<rant>If I want to combine windows together, that's the job of the operating system, not the application, so I have the same hotkeys to swing between groups and sub-groups of windows regardless of the application I'm using. If I want a list of open documents, I just pop up a window list and leave it there, seperate from the program, possibly adding a filter to the list to only show windows from one specific application. That MSWindows lacks that capability without external and akward-to-install programs seems like the core reason why people want GIMP to suppose a 'global window' with sub-windows that can't be moved outside of that 'global window' and a seperate 'window list' specific to GIMP. Since PhotoBloat does it, it obviously must be the right thing to do.</rant>

Other than that... the program seems like such an utter rewrite and redesign, things are much more logically layed out, no more 'which "colours" menu has the level-adjustment tool?' hunting now, they top-to-bottom redesigned the tree for the tools and filters. Tools and filters are also properly seperate, so no more 'pick the select by colour, click on the image, get select by colour again without warning' now. Icons are much more intuitive, and most of the menu items have icons beside them.

The best part... just about everything it dockable into everything else. You can dock toolbars arbitrarilly, and make arbitrary tab-sets of whatever you want together in any order you want.

GIMP 2.0 also adds menu bars to all document images listing the same thing as the right-click menu, for folks stuck using a single-button-mouse, since Mac OS/X is officially supported now.

But still... the tools just seem to 'work right' now, so I spend a lot more time editing stuff and a lot less time trying to adjust the tools to do what I want. Triple-plus-good thumbs up.

Now to wait for Gnome 2.6 so I can re-install my system neat and clean with JUST GTK, GTK2, GIMP, etc, skipping KDE and Qt entirely. *crosses fingers and hopes quietly*

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