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March 2nd, 2004
March 2nd, 2004
March 2nd, 2004
March 2nd, 2004
March 2nd, 2004

[User Picture]04:51 pm - I voted.
 Y   N  Proposition
[_] [X] 55
[_] [X] 56
[_] [X] 57
[X] [_] 58

[X] Lou Correa
[_] Brett E. Franklin
[_] Bruce A. Broadwater
[_] Kermit Marsh

55 and 57 both trade long-term debt for short-term gain. Out the window, I'd rather our next three years be rough than we get into an endless spiral in the next ten years.

56 sounds good... until you notice it lowers the vote required to pass a budget, good or bad, to 55% from the current 67%. It even says: Impacts would depend on the composition and actions of future Legislatures.

58 is very simple, on it's fact and in person. It sets aside a certain amount for a reserve, year to year. Less spending on the good years, more spending on the bad years, two good tastes that taste great together on the long term, though they may reek badly on the short term.

For the last group... it's a little complicated but fairly easy.

Marsh and Broadwater are for yanking funds from large-scale mass transit projects to expand the 22 freeway. No. We need the mass transit badly to get cars OFF the road, not more capacity for more cars. Again, long-term view of improvements.

Franklin is decent, but specifically promotes "partnerships between local government and our churches, temples, and other faith-based communities for their leadership in helping to provide social services in lean times." No thanks. Churches can do that on their own dime, on their own time. I agree with them doing it, but not with my help or endorsement unless it's my church.

Which leaves Lou Correa, who has little prose, and isn't a good writer, but has a sheath of projects he's done a kilometer long, all of which look nice. Crime reduction, anti-gang projects, getting funding for a new forensics lab, upgrading the pedestrian crosswalks in much of the county, small-business tax cuts, etc. Decent guy, nothing bad in his past that I could dig up via Google, and nothing that leaves any sort of bad taste in my mouth long-term. Boom, he gets my vote.

And now... back to coding for fun and ??? leading into profit. =^.^=3 commentsLeave a comment

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