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January 28th, 2004
January 28th, 2004
January 28th, 2004
January 28th, 2004
January 28th, 2004

[User Picture]05:38 pm - FC2k4... a week in summary.
Wednesday: Spent pulling wire. Yes, the day before a freaking con. =-.-=

Thursday: Spent travelling up there until about 6pm. Once I got on site I managed to pull about a half-dozen volunteers in two batches into the Ferret Den, get them signed up, and send them off to Main Stage to help with A/V stuff. This is usually the safest bet for an initial load of furs on the first evening.

After this point, I was mostly running back and forth, trying to coordinate volunteers where needed, and essentially playing a massive Realtime Starcraft LARP, along with the rest of the folks running Volunteers.

Outstanding musical/social highlight: Myself and Rory somehow ended up combining forces repeatedly, as Rory was in charge of Social Events. As I understand it, anything outside of panels that involved social interaction, like dances and parties, were under his proverbial wing. He also DJed several dances during the night.

The man is a wonder to listen to. At one point, on a 'dance area' that was (IIRC) a 10x11 grid of 3'x3' panels, we had roughly 100 people by my coust enjoying the music and dancing. That was just on the 'dance floor' itself, MANY of them in a full fursuit. I believe that was a 'Capacity Crowd' that night. There were even more enjoying the music on less-crowded sections of the floor, or even swaying along out in the hallway or fursuit lounge while cooling off.

Oh, and apparently he's coming back next year, and apparently (if I understand things correctly) I'm going to be working under him, either as a third or a second. =O.o= Um... yay? =^.^=

Interesting other highlights: Saw manyMANY friends, hugged even more. Never spent nearly enough time with mira_fastfire and didn't realize it until she'd already had to leave. When the realization hit me, I nearly broke down crying, and had to take several minutes to compose myself in a bathroom. =-.-=

Played in an IC/JC game for a while, but have definately learned my limits. More than 6 people (including GM) is just Too Much For Me To Handle. I also somehow figured out why I was so terrified of GMing before... aerowolf will understand this, the rest of you will have to wait for his explanation perhaps. It was very similair to actually committing changes to CVS the first time, without having someone look over the patch-form changes first. I'm too scared of success, and thus force myself to fail.

Other than that, had to 'salvage' the dock-side loadout with Rory's brief assistance on Monday, before I came home on Tuesday morning. Long story short: They had 3-4 people all disagreeing with what to do, and they were trying to load out the equipment truck by commitee, since none of the Logistics folks from years prior with any kind of 'Parade Ground Military Presence' were there to provide a single, unified voice. About all I did, was play a bit more Starcraft LARP, and for the first time of the entire Con actually used my voice to bellow. I thought I'd actually manage to avoid bellowing this entire con until that night.

I think I pissed of numerous people that night until they realized I was only playing 'Drill Seargeant' and specifying how to even pick up a load each time because there was so much to do in such a small space with so many people, I couldn't risk a miscommunication. I don't like sounding like an asshole, but sometimes it's better to sound like an asshole, than to risk injury or damage to equipment. Hurt feeling, and people not liking me, I can deal with. Actual hurt people, and equipment broken, is much harder for me to stomach, especially the former.

Anyways... it was a decent Con, though I was drug in too many directions at once (though fewer than on prior years, I've started to learn when to say No finally to things, and what I can hand off safely in some cases as well) as usual. And it looks like I'll be doing it again next year. =-.-=

Anyways... love you all and hope life goes okay for every one of you. *hugs* And dustmeat? Don't listen to your heart before your head, if you can afford to wait to let the waters test themselves before you dive in. Good luck to you both though.1 commentLeave a comment

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