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January 19th, 2004
January 19th, 2004
January 19th, 2004
January 19th, 2004
January 19th, 2004

[User Picture]10:24 pm - Whew... back, and in one piece still. =^.^=
Long story short... Mana's components checked out, but I couldn't directly test her CPU, Memory, or motherboard. Swapping components around inside hadn't helped, neither had removing unrequired components, the driver was physically failing, AND both CD drives had more-or-less fully physically failed as well in the move. Uber-likely the main motherboard failed too. The hard-drives came through intact though, that we could tell. I'm personally not surprised at that.

Anyways, that means the CPU and memory are likely fine, but motherboard is questionable but of a vintage it's difficult to locate a replacement for, and would likely cost as much as replacing the system with a modern one.

So, manawolf now has an Athlon XP 2400 (at least twice as fast as before), 512MB of PC2700 memory (twice what she had before, running 2.5x as fast), and her computer system has a completely fresh, clean install of Windows 2000 (with Japaneses and German support added already) and all of her previous drives backed up to around 40 CD-R's over the course of a solid day of sorting, arranging, labelling, and burning.

Oh, and she has a 52/24/52x CD-R drive now. So a CD-R takes under a minute to burn, and a CD-RW only takes about 2 minutes, 4-5 if it needs to blank it first. She better keep backups now. =^.^=

I stripped out the previous SCSI drive she had in there, as the time for the SCSI card and associated drive firmware and BIOS were a significant portion of the boot process, and it wasn't really needed for space reasons, since the previous splitting of the drive was removed to combine the space between all the drives.

So, all in all, a productive, if drawn-out weekend that Mana went into rough details and I've filled out for the techies here. I have the old SCSI drive, I still need to poke at it a bit, see if I can find a use for it, possibly with a different SCSI card, though the one it was using still works at least. I just doubt I could use a sub-10GB drive for much, since I have around 100GB of space already, most of it still empty. =^.^= May well form the basis for my Mom's new machine.

And now... off to bed to get up in several hours for work. And then try to figure out how talesin is getting to LJ. Mana, would you mind a third riding up with us with their computer in the trunk, or is that a bit much to ask? =^.^=6 commentsLeave a comment

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