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January 29th, 2002
January 29th, 2002
January 29th, 2002
January 29th, 2002
January 29th, 2002

[User Picture]Well, that was number 3, on two almost totally unrelated levels.

It was the third Further Confusion at that hotel as far as I know, as well as the last to be held there. The hotel kicked total ass this year, being all nice and friendly to folks, even though they knew we wouldn't be back again.

And I actually got to:

Still, where to begin... might as well be the beginning for me.

I showed up, and met someone I'd been meaning to look for. Turns out they were working Reg at the time I walked in, and I got them as my 'reg form handler' to get me through and out of that system. Registration was sweet this year.

Next, I walk out, and right over to sign up as a Gopher as in 'go for this, go for that' type of help to the Con. Nobody's there. As an aside, this particular problem was a very recurring theme during the con. The gopher wrangler had dual-duties, which does NOT work.

So, I spot Kiala going into the room the dance was in last year, and scamper over, offering to help him since he knows me personally, and I remember he's working on A/V tech this year. Yay, I'm in!

I ended up being an A/V tech most of the con, and my Liger Zero w/ Schneider turned into the official A/V Mascot all perched up prowly-like over a roll of tape on top of the big boxes of machines we used.

And for the second year running, I turned into the official 'dock supervisor' in tandem with the Logistics Lead. Yes, this con is smart and has someone assigned just to handle Logistics decisions. When we had to pack a 24-foot Panel Box Truck from Budget and multiple U-Haul Trailers with lots of stuff.

I ended up playing 'okay, you two pick that up, set it down over there, this edge forward, this side down' as pairs and single people walked by, until we had most of it packed. Then an actual ex-dock-worker took over to actually pack the A/V boxes, which we'd colour-coded with tape in three groups to load. Personal, rented, borrowed and to be dropped off before returning the rentals.

He also happened to be a kick-ass DJ with 25 years experience, that helped host the Dead Dog party the 'night after' the con was officially over, basically, the staff party. Which turned into a fursuit party, as almost all the folks that had stayed the extra night were the fursuiters, and staff, and a lot of staff had fursuits too. So we had 30-40 people in full 80-pounds-and-up-sometimes costume all dancing their butts off, and occasionally slipping backstage to pop the head off and relax.

And we got the 'official class picture' for the University-themed con as well, with ALL the fursuiters lining and gathering up to pull it off suddenly on their own. That kicked ass all over the place.

About this time, I finally crashed out, got up, did a few more things to help tidy up, and we rode home, with me crashing out further on the drive home. Total hours worked: More than 40. Reward: My butt on the burner next year again, especially since I know the new hotel already, having worked and attended BayCon.

Other than that, I picked up a gorgous picture by Arylkia whom I also happened to be helping at the Con, as she send me bunches of art to hang in the art show for her. She did pretty well, which I'm glad for, but I had to buy two of the pieces myself. A calico cat, and what I can only describe as a woodchuck, both in the woods in seperate art pieces, the woodchuck looking all manly, staff over his shoulder, looking back at you, and the calico just swinging on a swing, dressed up a little and all fluffed up her best, each grinning in their own ways.

Oh, and I got to see oCeLoT and her Significant Other Leif again. That kicked ass all over the place, chatting with them about stuff, gonna commission her to do a windows background like she does so very well in this limited-colour, pixelated format that looks like Windows Paint but is still all artys and pretty. And they had some of the rare alchohol I can actually drink! So I had some, and hooked them on a goofy base mixture I learned ages ago. Equal parts cola and orange juice, very, very, very little ice, top with 'plain' or 'citrus' flavored alchohol to suit.

So, that's what I remember officially about Further Confusion! And what I've been up to for the last week! :-)0 commentsLeave a comment

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