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January 17th, 2002
January 17th, 2002
January 17th, 2002
January 17th, 2002
January 17th, 2002

[User Picture]08:01 am - So where've I been lately? Glad you asked!
Let's see, what's happened in the last couple weeks... Well, first I went to Las Vegas, that was nice. Did a bunch of work, got the few hundred dollars I was expecting to be payed for the work there, so that's just Peachy.

Time for a techy moment. Skip this paragraph if tech bores. Been doing some systems programming work, tackling a problem I've not seen even mentioned in any documents on-line. It's a problem that used to have lots of solutions, back in the modem-only days before DSL existed. How to combine several connections with their own IP addresses into one 'usable' connection to NAT behind. I think I've got it working, testing with a combination of a Cellphone dialup, external modem dialup, a two-way satellite link, and an sDSL link. Basically, ALL the hardware we have for dealing with connections that we could hook up at the office, we did, all to one of our router boxen, and I got to hammer on it till all the links get used concurrently. Still doesn't do anything special when one link gets flooded and one's free, but it's a start.

Next thing, I had to restrain someone that ran for a knife after threatening to kill themselves or someone else. This one's a long story, longer than above. If it bores you, skip to the last paragraph, which is the other 'good things' that've happened lately.

There's a lady, who will remain unnamed, call her Princess Prettypants for now, as a nod towards a show I like a lot, Digimon. Several years ago, she managed to get one half of a gay couple, say Adam West, to think she would be good for the other half, say Boy Wonder, so Adam helped get the resistant half to let her join the pair-which-was-now-a-triad. This caused a lot of grief, and the triad quickly fractured off to a pair, with Adam leaving. The last of the "pair", Boy Wonder was the one that owned the house everyone was living in. He got fed up with the minor squabbles Princesss Prettypants caused, and ended up forcing her out. She's obsessive compulsive in the highest degree, textbook Class A here, folks. What she did will show this: Take 20 sleeping pills, down with bottle of blackberry wine, followed by bottle of mead. Good taste in drinks, possibly lethal combination though.

Needless to say, 9-1-1 was called, She was taken away, and spent 3 weeks in the looney bin. In the end, she got moved to Texas, found a good $25k-a-year-in-texas job, was raising exotic animals, the works. Good, situation solved, over and done with, right?


Last January in 2001 (bet you were wondering when I'd get back to this point in time, right?) she started calling, to speak with Boy Wonderagain. And again. And again. And AGAIN. She was losing her job or some-such, and wanted to sell her house and move back out to California and get some of the Dot-Com-Bubble under her skirt before it popped. It was still reasonably healthy at this point, so it seemed reasonable. She put her house on the market, bought a good work-truck, and got Boy Wonder to agree to come help her move to her father's place in San Diego.

Low and behond, upon arrival at said location, with her in tow, it's found there's physically no room for her to put anything at all. Zero, zilch, nadda.

Can I store some of my stuff in your garage, Boy Wonder?

Sure, ma'am. Can't leave someone with nowhere to put your stuff.

Yeah, you guessed it, she ended up following her stuff to visit one day. That was in April, 2001. She hasn't left the house except to get groceries since, all her stuff packed into a corner of the den, though the corner has been slowly growing when nobody was looking, an Ikea drawer set here, another suitcase there.

On Christmas, she tried to kill herself, waving the knife around and everything before it was taken away or such. I wasn't here, so I don't know for sure.

While I was here this time, she did it again. Final scenario went like this:

Unfortunately, the looney bin's full, and she's not a big enough threat yet to lock her up for weeks, only a couple days. She's now back here, with her eviction notice in hand, and has about 30 days to move out before we simply call the Marshalls, and they escort her and all her stuff off the property. Still, this whole idiocy is ending. I'm helping her find an apartment in fact. Looks like she found one, $450 a month for a one-bedroom.

No, I don't hold a grudge. I restrained her because she wasn't logical, and I didn't want to risk anyone getting cut. The police commended me for only restraining her, got my contact information, and left with her.

She wants to take me to court over Assault and Battery charges, hopefully not until after Further Confusion, but who cares? Things'll end up okay.

Well, final paragraph. I used a bit of my money to buy a Kyro 2 64MB video card to upgrade my Kyro 1 64MB video card. Why such a minor upgrade? Simple, it was $70 to get a video card that's twice as fast. So it was a minor, fun little perk that I ran across at a local computer show and snarfled up.1 commentLeave a comment

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