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July 29th, 2003
July 29th, 2003
July 29th, 2003
July 29th, 2003
July 29th, 2003

[User Picture]02:21 am - There's something... fitting, about all this.
I still have remnants of a WinXP partition on the secondary hard drive of this machine, which I actually use as the boot drive to switch between OS's. (Don't ask, my motherboard lets me pick ANY drive as the boot drive, that's all. Multi-processor rigs tend to have BIOS's that can do fucked-up shit like that. =^.^=

I just tried to start up some Q3A games... occasionally, I've noticed that games based on that engine (Alice, RTCW, Soldier of Fortune 2, etc, etc) will 'belch' and sit there... OpenGL loaded and activated, but never actually passing any frames to be rendered. (I figured this out with a debugger.)

Now... apparently whatever causes this glitch has become a permenant part of the WinXP install. I think one of my RAM chips might be hiccuping, sadly. =-.-=

Amusingly though, since I have MP-capable RAM, it also has built-in error-correction codes far beyond normal 'consumer' RAM, another advantage for my system. Yes, it'll take longer, but it takes a SERIOUSLY failed memory chip before I can find any actual errors, and not just slow-responding RAM.

(ObSide Note: There's a BEAUTIFUL thunderstorm going on right now... has a very cool, ozone-laden breeze blowing through my windows now, with just enough rain to make the air smell damp. It woke up VChan, and obviously she's seriously happy now, she's been missing these. And amusingly? I haven't seen a thunderstorm like this in over a decade here in SoCal. =^.^=)

Anyways... the point of this post? WinXP is hosed. A fresh re-install keeps it hosed on install, tested with a seperate hard drive, the other drives unplugged.

WinXP can't handle a slow RAM response for its video-card drivers, but Linux? It just shrugs, hiccups once on start, and shuffles the memory around to faster RAM that's not acting wierd. Game runs, actually runs smoother than usual. :-)2 commentsLeave a comment

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