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July 16th, 2003
July 16th, 2003
July 16th, 2003
July 16th, 2003
July 16th, 2003

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I think I wrote that correctly... *sighs* Need to re-learn all I knew...

It's... interesting. Life, that is.

VChan is still asleep (I think) on the bed behind me, sprawled out and tangled rather cutely in her DBZ blankets.

Ray, Sherwood, Bill, and Mark are off at work, Changa is off at the gym, so the entire house is tomb-silent...

And I can't find my fucking toothbrush. =-.-=

Yeah, life is... one of those patient moods right now, I think. *sighs* I just wish life would get off its laurels and start moving again... that I could dredge up some direction in my life again...

I love having a room-mate, to be honest. It's a wonderful feeling, and a wonderful chance for me to learn how to get along with people better... I just wish others weren't having such a rough time of it, while I seem to be doing fairly well.

But... I know I can't help everyone. I can be there to help everyone... but sometimes people either don't want to, or simply shouldn't be directly helped... Sometimes I just need to get the frell out of the way for a time, unfortunately.

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