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May 2nd, 2003
May 2nd, 2003
May 2nd, 2003
May 2nd, 2003
May 2nd, 2003

[User Picture]10:50 am - And on a completely different note...
...I'm officially an absolute bitch with Q3A coding now...

In the last 24 hours, I have:

These changes are purely prep-work for more drastic changes to the codebase I'll be finishing in the coming days. This work is towards a Q3A mod based on the universe of Akira Toriyama, the creator of DragonBall.

No, don't expect Goku or anyone else showing up in my mod, just the battle-style from the anime and manga. Beams will most certainly exist as well, with an interesting twist for controlling them that I've worked out that will make them easilly-predicted with the existing infrastructure in the game.

Health levels will be tracked to a FAR larger degree of accuracy, as 100 hit points just simply doesn't cut it to deal with everything from the scratches and dents to the outright rending of the original anime. Possibly seperated into area-specific damage as well, though that's still to be decided at a later date.

Something else I'm working on, is creating a first ever for Q3A-based mods. A skeletal-animation system like Half-Life. The game engine supports it, but there aren't any tools to export to the format in question, known at .MD4 specifically.

I'm going to begin work on finding a way to export to this format in approximately one month. It would be in two weeks, but between this week, next week Mark's possibly departure for Virginia for work, and everything else, I doubt I'll have the spare time to do everything I need to do in only two weeks.4 commentsLeave a comment

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