The expanses of WolfWings' land
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March 23rd, 2003
March 23rd, 2003
March 23rd, 2003
March 23rd, 2003
March 23rd, 2003

[User Picture]09:32 pm - Fah, wonderful weekend, overall. =^.^=
Note to self... need to work on WolfWings<->Chythar interactions. Badly. =-.-= Need to learn how to read and act around him better.

WolfWings<->Kitty interactions seem much improved.

WolfWings<->Manawolf interactions are almost as toasty as WolfWings<->Mira_Fastfire interactions. =^.^= But... not as feral. *shivvers* Gah, Mira can and has melted ME before, repeatedly.

Still, weekend was really good. Saw xianjaguar just before being dropped off. *giggles* Blizzard is silly, and funny sometimes in small doses like I had tonight. =^.^=

XianJaguar is Tres Nifty though. =^.^= I see how perfectly her and Manawolf relate... it's really quite amazing to watch those two together. Must keep in better contact with her. :-)

Yes, this is half commentary on my weekend, and half just light random thoughts on me and other people. Realizing how I act, and how it affects others. Realizing my nature and how to hurt others less with it. I guess much like Manawolf the old adage of Damn the Torpedoes, better to be sorry for things done than things not experienced! has grown old, almost reversing. =^.^=5 commentsLeave a comment

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