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March 9th, 2003
March 9th, 2003
March 9th, 2003
March 9th, 2003
March 9th, 2003

[User Picture]01:53 pm - Aie... CROWDED CAFE!
I'm JUST getting home finally after much mish-mashing of back-and-forth and sorting of various things. =^.^=

Afraid this time not up to a full detailed chattering of what went on. Saw Rummy and Kitty, spent a good chunk of the Cafe either playing video games or groping Kitty mercilessly. =^.^=

At one point she and I teased Rummy together, and I gave Rummy, Kitty, and Mana backrubs. =^.^=

For some reason... was very much 'clicked' with Mana tonight, unlike usual. Was like little nuzzles met, instead of being just a fraction off from each other that they feel uncomfortable instead of natural... *blushes* I know it's hard to explain, but that's just what it felt like. =^.6=

I think a good chunk of the cafe and snooze-over until a little bit ago was me trying to work out all the physical longing I've been having for Mira. *mewls and paws at her from afar, pulls her close for a hug* Wish I could have you in my arms... just curl up and nod off, beautiful one. =-.-=

And yes, I kept my paws above the waist (aside from the occasional grope on a guy to get a squeal or a swat on a bum) as usual. =^.^= Well, `cept with Oneesan, her I was scritching and kneedingfrom head to ankles. :-)

Still... Feeling remarkably refreshed now after that. I needed the physical presence of others around, been severely lacking that here at the house. =-.-= Other than that... just put all my laundry into the washer. *listens to the chugging* Ah well, off to play Freelancer and listen to music. =^.^=2 commentsLeave a comment

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