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February 26th, 2003
February 26th, 2003
February 26th, 2003
February 26th, 2003
February 26th, 2003

[User Picture]12:19 pm - Another two weeks older and deeper in debt... =^.^=
Just woke up and relaxed properly from another Rick and Tess's Cafe, was a very sedate one this time. Was also kinda a going away party for all those locals called up to serve in foreign lands shortly.

On the up-sides, Iron Badger made it there, was good to see him, if only in passing. =^.^= Finally sat down and sorted out the idea for what is, basically, the very thing about VoIP that scares PacBell I think, a way to connect phone lines together using 'black boxes' on TCP/IP broadband or possibly dialup modem connections. =^.^=

Other than that, gave quite a few backrubs and what-not since it had rained and there wasn't any real cleaning to be done outside for a change. So, I got there a little early and spent... about 90 minutes sitting on my bum not doing much.

Rummy was there, was drawing just to draw like she usually does, made me remember again why I'm drawing... she's started drawing reptilian creatures lately, and they reminded everyone of Chris Sawyer's work, which we found out was semi-intentional since CS influenced Rummy's style. Her non-reptiles tend to remind folks more of Christina 'Smudge' Hansen's artwork though, oddly. Once every so often I ended up playing 'not quite so gropey' for Rummy against a couple of the more 'glommy' furs at the Cafe. She and I have kinda reached an agreement where I seem to have a good sense of when she's uncomfortable and helping out a little. =^.^= Ended up with a sketch of a winged wuff in my art-book, since she asked to draw something but I didn't have a proper 'sketchbook' with me except my own for practicing in. =^.6=

As to who else... well, like I mentioned, Robert was there, we chatted tech about phone system stuff and possible uses for it. A group of four new furs were there, three guys and one more gal. Her name was Kelly, I remember female names a lot easier than male names, I'm finding. =-.-= She was mildly snuggly. =^.^= Probably because there's fewer of them that I see, so I can bind the names to unique faces quicker because I need less specific features to do so in my head.

Kensan was there, chatted about RPG's a little, but not much. Stalking Cat was there, drove himself up this time for a change, so we all got to see the truck he drives. He drug me over to In-and-Out at one point and I got the usual 'random burger sampler' I get there, 10 burgers, evenly with or without cheese, one of each 'just meat, bun, and possibly cheese' and all the rest completely random and different.

They both love and hate that order. =^.^= The ones that are new there hate it, because they don't know if they can handle it. The ones that aren't new there love it, because it breaks up the usual monotony. :-)

After that, got home, read a bunch of Mira's journals, commented in a few that most people won't see, then crashed out promptly in case there was any work today... there wasn't, so I rolled over and slept off the party. =^.^=

And now... I leave you with... damn much I love Mira. A whole freakin' lot. Not quite as much as she loves me sometimes... I've just accepted not quite having that 'peak' level of energy. But I always love her a whole freakin' lot. =^.^= S'never just a little, s'never an overwhelming herd of elephants... it's just this big, constant, fuzzy warm feeling in my chest. :-)1 commentLeave a comment

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