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February 13th, 2003
February 13th, 2003
February 13th, 2003
February 13th, 2003
February 13th, 2003

[User Picture]02:27 am - Well... half-way there. The hard part's actually done now!
What am I speaking of? The little Pendorian links next to all the dates on my entries now, a project I'm taking up just to see if it's possible as much as anything else.

Inadvertantly, years ago now, I ran across Elf Sternberg's Webpage before it was hosted on it's current site, and read the Journal Entries rather extensively.

At the time... I got an itch to see if I could make a little doohickey for my computer. A small programming project of sorts to make ASClock support Pendorian either as a mode or a seperate compile-time option.

To do that, I needed to know the math behind Pendorian time. So... I e-mailed Elf and asked for the source code to his Java clock applet. Surprisingly to me, he was not only courteous but relatively prompt in saying yes, wishing me luck, and sending the source code along. :-)

It took me a while to go from Java to C, and later on to MUF for a MUCK I wrote some code for, and included #pendor as a command-line option on the in-MUCK 'time' and 'date' commands as an easter egg.

That got me down the road towards synthetic languages, though I've always had a soft spot for Pendorian things, mostly because it really was where I got started on the whole mess. :-)

Anyways... this leads up to a couple days ago. Something bites me in the rump asking 'can I make my LiveJournal show Pendorian dates and times on the entries?' so I start to investigate...

One thing leads to another, and I discover that that is the day that elfs has decided to join The Collective here as well. The coincidence is mildly ironic, but it's also served to spur me on since I mentioned it on his journal and he showed interest in the idea as amuseing if nothing else.

So... first I can make the dates from the LJ-style dates... next... I'll need to compile an image, likely using JPEG because I can compile macro-blocks together without true recompression, just harvesting them from a single pre-merged file in much the same way a JPEG can be cropped, rotated by 90-degree steps, or flipped in any direction without any recompression.

But... while it may not be as easy as it would be if LiveJournal supported some form of JavaScript client-side... it is possible to do. Now to do the grunt-work of compiling the mega-image and the code to piece-meal it apart as needed, likely pre-decomposing it into macroblocks stored in a statically-compiled array. Once again, since I have to torture a poor CGI-bin folder to get this trick to work... might as well make it clean. :-)0 commentsLeave a comment

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