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January 1st, 2003
January 1st, 2003
January 1st, 2003
January 1st, 2003
January 1st, 2003

[User Picture]08:20 pm - Blame Manawolf for this...
But I've started a CafePress shop based around a simple math trivia manawolf pointed out, namely that 666 + 1337 = 2003

But, I suck at graphics, really. So... anyone want to contribute artwork towards this? As I get artwork, I'll apply the images to as many items as they are appropriate for, so everything will be available before different versions of specific items are available. :-)

These sizes are in pixels, and based directly on all the information I was able to dig up on CafePress's website. I'm specifically stating a resolution that can be evenly divided down to any of their 'minimum resolutions' listed, 600dpi, for any artwork folks want to contribute to this store. Since I'm soliciting anyone to give a go at turning this simple math formula into a nifty design, if I pick your design you can either choose to have me sell the item at CafePress's cost, or allow me to do what I prefer, which is to raise the price to the next 0.25 increment, which is usually one extra penny. I'm asking for permission to do this because I detest the X.99 prices everything in America has these days. :-)

And now, the tables for the vast majority of things, namely shirts and cups. The sizes for everything else I can post if anyone really wants to see this theme on a mousepad or a ceramic tile. :-)

Basic T-Shirt
Baby Doll T-Shirt
Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Baseball Jersey
Hooded Sweatshirt
Hoodless Sweatshirt
PositionAcceptable SizeAlternate Size
Front4800 pixels wide
6000 pixels tall
6000 pixels wide
4800 pixels tall
Pocket3600 pixels wide
3600 pixels tall
Shoulder6000 pixels wide
2400 pixels tall

Baseball CapPositionAcceptable Size
Front3000 pixels wide
1200 pixels tall

Steel Travel Mug
Small Mug
Large Mug
Frosted Mug
PositionAcceptable Size
Wraparound4986 pixels wide
1800 pixels tall
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