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December 27th, 2002
December 27th, 2002
December 27th, 2002
December 27th, 2002
December 27th, 2002

[User Picture]06:39 pm - Well... progressing on Car Wars a little...
...though not with code. Since I found out that the Vehicle Design Kit is pushed back indefinately after being withdrawl from playtesting... I'm reverse-engineering the ruleset from the ground up, using the last Car Wars Compendium as a starting point for some things like Spaces.

I'm ignoring the existance of anything but Subcompacts, Compacts, Mid-sized, and Luxury vehicles during this, though I'm not going to ignore spaces, though at a quick glance all the values seem to add up just like the older versions did for spaces available and taken up.

This post will be updated as I figure out more.

Right now... I've figured out:

Confetti is Weight divided by 75.

Machine guns look to still be the 'standard' 1-space weapon.

Armor Costs

Heavy Duty8$175
High Perf.-2+$125
Wheel Armor5$250

Weight is, far and away, the largest unknown and will take the most raw CPU horsepower to figure out, as I'll likely simply input all the relevant information and let the computer brute-force it overnight. Yes, I'm lazy that way. :-)0 commentsLeave a comment

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