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December 22nd, 2002
December 22nd, 2002
December 22nd, 2002
December 22nd, 2002
December 22nd, 2002

[User Picture]12:50 am - Love or hate him...
...but I'm sorry, Eminem's Lose Yourself is a wonderfully prime example of what I consider intensive lyrics, weaving a kind of spell of words to conjure an image like a novel can...

And a remarkably positive song, to me, a very... negatively hopeful song. A song and story of opportunity and toil.

I've somehow avoided the entire discussion both positive and negative about Eminem, but I've been impressed by a good amount of his lyrical ability from the get-go of hearing him, just like Coolie impressed me on the same level.

On a different note... Happy Holidays to everyone out there. I wish I could say more, but there's really no more to say than that. I wish I could see many more of you then I know I will this season and new years... Lionman, Sardonicus, Manawolf, Chythar, Kitty... Malystryxx, Rahmal, Kiala, Arylkia, Nnyar... Smashwolf, oCeLoT, Dour, Eibii, Aerowolf... Auryanne, Spiked Punch, Stars_Pyre, Mira, Jonas... Good fortune shine upon you all, and everyone else in my thoughts but not close enough for me to hold this holiday for whatever reason...

You better,
Lose yourself,
In the music,
The moment,
You want it,
You better never let it go...
You only get one shot,
Do not miss your chance to blow!
`Cause opportunity comes once in a lifetime...3 commentsLeave a comment

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