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December 5th, 2002
December 5th, 2002
December 5th, 2002
December 5th, 2002
December 5th, 2002

[User Picture]12:55 am - MEAT! Glorious, fabulous, delicious MEAT! And cheese!

How to make a delicious feast for under $5 a person, albeit a simple one.

Take one package Pillsbury french loaf dough.

SLOWLY brown one pound of the fattiest ground meat you can find, on the order of 22%-30% fat. And by slowly, I mean cook all the fat off, you shouldn't have to drain this meat, expect it to take 45 minutes or longer.

Grate and stir in one half pound of cheese of choice over very low heat, in my case Jack over ground Beef. Make sure it's a pure-diary cheese, oil-hybrids cause problems.

Unroll the french loaf dough into a flat square sheet. It has a seam, find it and tease it apart, with wet fingers it unrolls quite easilly.

Spread the 'filling' across the bread, leaving about 1" along the 'top' and 'bottom' untouched, as well as about 2-3" along one edge to tuck over.

Roll it up from the 'borderless' side, then tuck the ends over to 'seal' it closed properly, tucking them under the loaf when you put it on a baking sheet or tin foil to bake.

Cook for the usual time, 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

When it comes out, enjoy hot, or carve chunks off and wrap in tin foil or a towel to put in a backpack for a hike.

Okay, now that you're all gaining weight just reading that recipe... cooking this, let alone eating it, is somewhere beyond cartharitic for me. It's something feral... primitive. It harkens back to rough food, rich to the point of obesity to keep animals running themselves ragged alive... and satisfied.

The creation of this recipe, which I thank my grandmother for helping me figure out the details of what would work and what was safe, I blame squarely on Anne McCafferey. Love or hate her, many find her as their first exposure to dragons on a scale few consider. The 'full' recipe makes the dough as well, but I've found little gained from that over simply buying the 'dough' in the convenient form Pillsbury makes it in.

This came from my many burnt and failed attempts to make meatrolls when I was less than 14 years old, an expedition that got me hooked on cooking, and the marvels I could do with naught but wood and seasoned iron, a handful of dried plants, and my instincts...

Cooking is the closest I come to experiencing that 'artistic mood' so many artists can have so often. It's the one time besides martial arts or just fighting that I can let my entire conscious mind go... fall back on my primitive instincts, trusting my reflexes to pull down the right amount of this, mix it with the right portion of that...

Yes, I'm still in 'that' mood, wishing I could stand at the edge of a cliff, overlooking a field and the crags and ridges all around me, and just feel the wind whipping past my arms, past my face, feel the brush and rocks whip by as I run along them, run through them...

But, lacking that, I can make food so rich it can give people heart attacks at fourty paces. =^.^=

On a different note... I'm almost glad Maly's necklace hasn't gotten here, as I was able to surprise a house-mate with a nifty 'gift' on their copy of Animal Crossing while they were gone at work today. I plugged in the GBA on the link cable (which you do get, Maly!) and drew them the 'Invader Zim' logos as patterns and left them on the game for them. That is, sadly, the extend of my 'artistic' talent, though I plan to fix that starting next year.

Turns out my job pays for schooling in full! Not gonna do much, but by Goddess I'm taking a fekking art class. I don't care if I pass or fail, but by Goddess I'm going to give it one helluva go now that I have the chance. I'm not going to let the chance pass me by again like it did so many years ago...11 commentsLeave a comment


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