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November 23rd, 2002
November 23rd, 2002
November 23rd, 2002
November 23rd, 2002
November 23rd, 2002

[User Picture]04:36 am - *gurargh*
Okay, I just got home... from work.

I left around noon... um... yesterday now, by about four hours.

I took one hour off for 'lunch/dinner' during that.

I'm somewhere between exhausted, and on my third or fourth wind. =^.^=

Gah... brain doesn't want to process english, I feel like Dover from Suburban Jungle.

On a different note... Sardonicus? Get in touch with me please! *mewls*

Oh... and all of the following ALSO happened at work:
I punctured my foot yesterday, thankfully no infection.
I got a very smooth, deep cut across one finger.
My left shoe had it's sole split open and break partly off.
I got stuck in an elevator for just over an hour.

*sighs* Sometimes, my life is far, FAR too Chinese for my liking, but hey, at least every day's an adventure, no? :-)

And by the way, Eselgeist? Lotsa days like this are why I haven't burned an mailed off that CD-R for you yet, please accept my most humble appologies. =-.-= Gah, I feel like a putz, haven't gotten anything done for my friends with work kicking into overdrive like this.2 commentsLeave a comment

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