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November 2nd, 2002
November 2nd, 2002
November 2nd, 2002
November 2nd, 2002
November 2nd, 2002

[User Picture]02:39 pm - And on a compeltely piss-me-off note... motherboard just crapped out.

I just got a $300 paycheck.

I can either:

Get a really nice video card AND memory upgrade, and downgrade to a single-CPU system


Get back up a dual-CPU system with a crappy video card (my Kyro bit the dust as well recently) and barely enough memory to make the system happy.

Unfortunately, as big a proponent of SMP as I am, up there with arcturax, I'm afraid I'm slipping back down to the realm of single-CPUism.

And on that note... anyone want a known-good working 1.4Ghz/1600 Athlon MP CPU? It'll work fine in a single-CPU Athlon-XP-type system. Make me an offer! (714)539-6547

I'd honestly rather sell it today and turn that around to more hardware since I'm going shopping anyways. As a note, PriceWatch lists OEM Athlon MP 1600's as selling for $115, and OEM XP 1600's as selling for $53, so I'll part with the known-good MP 1600, retail from a box w/ AMD fan (though I lack the box now) for $50-75, depending on if I need to ship it to you, or you can come pick it up!3 commentsLeave a comment

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