The expanses of WolfWings' land
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October 10th, 2002
October 10th, 2002
October 10th, 2002
October 10th, 2002
October 10th, 2002

[User Picture]08:14 pm - Okay, two people is enough interest...
...especially when they're people I think are as nifty as maui is, or as special to me as lionman is.

Now the trick is... I'm gonna need some help.

First things first, I need to get the okay from WotC before I could do this. Can't be a hypocrit and do things before asking, after all the time I spend preaching about asking first from Artists and Publishers. :-)

Next thing is... I'm gonna need folks to help me build, or at least draw the map and stuff for a world to build. =^.^=

And semi-tangled into that... is what should it be? A social MUD, with automated systems for helping players GM scenes and stuff, generating monsters and semi-automating the processing of them? Anyone think of something better to do it in? Or do we dig in, and pull out MUQ and use that to 'roll our own' system, tailored for what we need?

So... who wants to help? Volunteers? Anyone? *listens to crickets chirp*5 commentsLeave a comment

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