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September 25th, 2002
September 25th, 2002
September 25th, 2002
September 25th, 2002
September 25th, 2002

[User Picture]04:57 pm - Well, no Radeon 9700 for me...

...instead I spent that much on a trip to Denver, Colorado! Went to a Convention while I was there, and spent some time with some friends while I was out there, whom I shared a hotel room with and such-like.

And it's official, Nintendo has won the Console wars for multiplayer gaming, hands-down. Anything that pulls in, by itself, more playing entrants than every other tournament put together, is a far and away victor in the wars. Yes, I'm referring to Super Smash Brothers Melee for GameCube. It beat out all the following:

Yes, all of those together, sans DDR, couldn't touch SSBM. :-)

In other news... I'm getting hooked on Quake 3 programming again. And finding I might still be able to afford that beautifully overpowered ATI Radeon 9700 by the end of this year! Well... I can wish at least. :-) If I get another decent paycheck, I'll have the cash. But it's the one thing I'm asking everyone for, for christmas, is to just gimme twenty or thirty bucks towards getting that one card. It's the only expense besides saving cash and trying to find some way to get a car I forsee for quite a while for myself.

Still... other than that adventure, which still has be hopped up like a madman on crack, I've been working, which is why I could afford this trip split with my friends in Colorado as my birthday present to myself. It's pretty much the only birthday present I got, too. *sighs* Was fun... but kinda lonely. I'm too used to 'Furry' cons, where you can always find someone to hug, or someone with a friendly look when you need one... was odd, felt almost shunned but it was just the lack of people being publically affectionate, I realized.

I guess I'm one of those nutcases that, a bit like `Nyssa, is finally figuring out what's so nutcasey about themselves, and how that can or should be used. :-)

Other than that... got manawolf onto LiveJournal finally! Yay! Is good to have her aboard. :-) Enjoy her Vegeta-ish-ness, and marvel at her spiffy art... or don't. *laughs* Is good to have her around again... need to gank their DBZ DVD's once they get the Cell Saga bought, too.

Must... Resist... Urge... To... Solve... Lack... With... Money... On... Hand...

ARG, it's harder than it would seem, saving money. I'm doing it though, slowly but surely as I can. =^.^=5 commentsLeave a comment


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