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July 24th, 2011
July 24th, 2011
July 24th, 2011
July 24th, 2011
July 24th, 2011

[User Picture]03:54 am - I deleted my Google+ account for now.

The following is, verbatim, what I submitted as feedback to Google for why I left Google+

TL;DR version: I refuse to risk losing access to my GMail account and other Google services because of my name.

When the reports were only of people having their Google+ access suspended pending reviews, I was understanding and patient, and documented on my profile why I had the name I do to hopefully stave off any reports that my name might generate.

When the reports turned to people losing access to their GMail account as well, I am forced to delete myself from Google+ as I cannot risk losing access to my primary e-mail and single-signon for the majority of the online services I use.

If your name policy ends up banning all but government-issued photo-ID names from being visible, then I am unable to come anywhere near your Google+ service or other future services that rely on Google+ to function and I believe this breaks your "Do No Evil" motto as it does do evil to some.

Please understand that what I believe the intent of this policy (must have a real person associated with it) is something I agree with and understand, but your apparently implementation of policy to date (the visible/public name/title must match your government-issued photo-ID) is the unacceptable component.

Please understand I have no issue with providing my government-records name for Google to have in its databases. But that is not the name I go by anywhere in my life, socially or otherwise, and trying to force me to use that birth name as my name on Google+, a social networking site, is counter-productive as that is not the name I go by, ESPECIALLY not in social circles.

I look forward with hope to the policy changing so I can re-join Google+ as I am incredibly enthusiastic about the service and interface, and both had and have very high hopes for it. But I cannot risk using it at this time due to the current track-record for the apparent implementation of your profile-name policy.

Amusingly, this re-activated my "Google Profiles" link, so that is active instead of a redirector to my Google+ account. So still works and displays correctly.

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