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September 4th, 2002
September 4th, 2002
September 4th, 2002
September 4th, 2002
September 4th, 2002

[User Picture]07:52 am - *sigh* Proof that LiveJournal's interface blows chunks...

Even I did it recently, before I stumbled across this wonderful little feature. :-)

Go here and make a new group of Friends called... Friends. Yes, I know it sounds stupid, and oddly counter-productive, but there's a reason for this, though it'll feel even sillier the first time you do it. :-)

Add the friends you want to see every time to this new group using the nifty little back-and-forth lists.

Now, instead of going to, for instance,
you'd go to instead! See the subtle little difference there, folks?

Viola, a stacked, packed, and crammed friends list, and a nicely paired-down version for viewing, but retaining the ability to go 'digging for gold' occasionally in the spam when one's bored. :-)

Heck, try making a couple extra groups if you want, clump folks by group like all your artist friends, or all your political friends. Then use this link to pick a set of previously-defined groups to view as a friends page one time only as far as I can tell.1 commentLeave a comment


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