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July 30th, 2002
July 30th, 2002
July 30th, 2002
July 30th, 2002
July 30th, 2002

[User Picture]04:15 pm - And since I'm sure someone will care...
Yes, I have a displacer beast paladin. :-) No, he's not some combat monster, either, amusingly enough. And yes, he's Lawful Good, a diametric reversal from the species alignment, which made sense, why else would a displacer beast try to help people? Because he was trying to right the wrongs of his kind... which spells out Paladin to a T for me. *boom*

He ended up with a Charisma of 16, and an Intelligence of 6, as high as a Displacer Beast can start, that 6 cost me a roll of 17 or higher to get. :-)

Most of his stats are physically impressive, but he's not a combat monster for a simple reason, he can't wield any kind of magical or empowered weapon, Paladin or not. Mind you, Lay on Tentacles (as I renamed it) is useful to staunch bleeding. :-)

He's currently wearing leather armor, studded I believe, with two gem's inset on the shoulders, activated by touch.

One of them is a gem of Cure Light Wounds once a week. A minor boost to his Lay on Hands healing ability, nothing big. The other one gets far more use though, a gem of Spider Climb, three times a day. That gem is, far and away, his most-used ability. When a fight starts, zoom, he's above everyone, let's see them get closer than 10 feet to him then.

Oh, and did I mention that the only Feat he was given to start, I spent on something quite useful for that? Blind Fighting. Yup, he's great against any Medusai we come across. *laughs* Or anyone invisible, invisibility spells don't really slow him down much. :-)

And, amusingly, while he obviously doesn't have a lot of Int, so he can't use big words, he has a massively high Charisma, so he can use a metric ass-load of them in quick succession.

That's actually been useful on occasion already. And there's another reason he's gotten Spider Climb so early, he's the only non-humanoid player in the party. Ropes and such are great for everyone else to use, but how can a hexapedal displacer beast that weight a metric tonne get up that rope ladder, praytell? He can't, so he'll just walk up the wall instead.

Anyways, I have no illusions that he's a wonderful character, but he's my character, and has turned out wonderful for me to play, allowing me to play a carefree critter that's out to just Do Good in the world. Hell, aside from some skeletons and a gelatanous cube, we have yet to kill anyone. Mortally wound them, sure, but he's spent a Lay on Hands more than once already to stop an enemy from dying so we could turn them into the constables instead. That happened after said Medusa tried to put a sleeping draught in everyone's food, and only he and the full-blood juvenile Silver Dragon that owned the tavern resisted it. Mind you, I resisted it with a natural critical success, on top of being a Paladin to help. :-)

Said Medusa was... amusing. Kept trying to gaze at the dragon, while I just kept my eyes closed, and dangled from the ceiling with a tangle of tentacles smacking at her repeatedly.

Anyways, I'll be paying to get a couple drawings of the critter done at some point, and will post them on-line when I can. :-)5 commentsLeave a comment

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