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September 9th, 2009
September 9th, 2009
September 9th, 2009
September 9th, 2009
September 9th, 2009

[User Picture]09:21 pm - MFM Con Report, Sat/Sun

Oh gods, the chaos! After posting my first third of my con report while waiting for my cell-phone to recharge in the internet lounge, I started scurrying around the con. That covered my morning from breakfast until around 9am, a bit after that found out the fursuit parade would start at 11am so I headed up, got everything together and clomped down to the appropriate place.

To whoever it was that brought a couple fans in while we waited to get organized: Thank you! The more I suit again, the more I realize how much modern (as in, in the last five years or so) improvements have things orders of magnitude more comfortable/tolerable. Anyways, stomped along with that, ended up marching in front of NeoPanTyger for a good chunk of it so I had some music to jam to. Moshing along through live became a bit of a theme for Lumi most of the con, actually. =^.^=

After the parade, I stole the chance to be short and lay down during the photo's, and I managed to get a pretty good pose for as randomly as I dove to the carpet. So yeah, on most of the photo's of the fursuit-parade-pile at the end, I'm the one in the lower-left sprawled out. Ran into SoLion in the headless lounge afterwards, just sucked in some cold air before de-suiting for a bit, as I needed to hit up the dealer's den, and wanted to stop by the gaming room on Saturday. After my brief trip through the dealer's den buying art Hung out at the gaming room on Saturday. Had a relatively fixed budget for spending on commissions, stuck to it neatly.

Picked up some art from Unclean on FA, who made a really positive-idea/ideal picture a'while back that I love but I didn't recognize it was them when I saw the nifty fluffy-avian art I picked up. The pictures don't appear to be on their FA, so I can't link to them sadly, but they're nifty! Also bought a commission from them, of WolfWings of course. =^.^=

After that and relaxing in the gaming room for a few hours out of, and in suit throughout the day, including learning I can finger-spin a staff fairly well in my paws, I heard some very nice beats... and went to investigate, as they were not coming from the main ballroom venue.

I'll admit, I've learned lately I'm rather particular, SL-03 I appreciate on a more technical and performance basis, but it's almost never music I can just get down and jam to. It's not even that I need high speed, the original Caramelldansen is perfectly good for me. They were playing music with a beat, stuff I knew the words to and had burned into my skull over the years, dancing in my car and walking around at work just humming it. Stuff I can jam to.


Then I found out it was a request-only format. So I tromped my ass out to my car in fursuit, grabbed my mini-CD-R's, scurried to my laptop in the LAN room, and dumped things like DJ Hixxy's remix of Set You Free chopped roughly to where I linked there, and Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson. At that point, I just lost myself into the beat, and apparently gave my newly-repaired feet a world-class stress-test, keeping up with 170bpm music at full tempo, crosslegging it in some wierd mish-mash of cross-leg tapdancing, tribal, and old-fashioned 'move your feet!' type dancing I'm prone to.

Another song or two of that, yes, I was wasted, but I just kept moshing along as best I could, right up until they had to finally shut down. It was packed in there. They're not kidding, small conference room that can seat maybe 40-50 if you truly sardine them in, had easilly 30 suiters dancing in there.


This day I knew would be abbreviated for me, as I was heading over to tisket_wolf's place since she couldn't make it to MFM this year due to work scheduling. One thing of note was I chatted with the gals that make these sock-based feet and found out A) they're affordable as all snot, B) just socks, and C) everyone else has been all, "Can I paypal you after the con/after my next paycheck/etc?" so she hadn't actually had anyone pay her for a set yet. Well... there goes the last of my commission money! *FWUMP* Traded basic contact info, mostly just pointed the pair of them at

Hopefully they'll track me down? I'm patient, either way they seemed jazzed planning out how to do the feet. WolfWings feet, just something to romp around in at cons and what-not in lieu of Lumi's uber-feet, since obviously these held up really well since she was running around all con in them.

So... Closing Ceremonies. Big spooky announcement, rah, yeah, that's that. Was literally waiting for that, started packing, and driving... short drive (for me) later, I was at Tisket's place around 2am her time. Me, her, and her roomie chatted a bit, then all fwumped out, me stealing couch and shovin' Tisket back at her own bed she'd generously offered to give up for me to sleep on. She needed the proper rest far more, after the day at work she'd had on her last shift.0 commentsLeave a comment

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