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September 5th, 2009
September 5th, 2009
September 5th, 2009
September 5th, 2009
September 5th, 2009

[User Picture]09:23 am - Mid-MFM Con Report... Thurs/Friday.
No pictures, sadly, just now found new AA batteries for my camera so I can take pictures today (Saturday) while I run around like a loon.


Got here around 9am after stopping at Cracker Barrel, took a nap until around 2pm, walked around for a'while. Ended up pulling on Lumi as a partial to run around for a couple hours, test-driving my new feet. They worked awfully well, I could scurry and scamper pretty easilly with how solidly they seemed to be locked in place. The angle-cut I put on the soles to let them 'skip' over obstacles made a world of difference from the 'planed wood block' style sole they had before, any little lip and they'd snag and catch before. Now I could scurry fast enough up or down the spiral staircase I have to lean into the turn, and feel safe doing so.

Desuited, hung out a'while in the gaming room that day since little else was open, spotted Jace briefly.


Mmm... many people complain about the breakfast the in-hotel restraunt serves, I find it utterly delicious. It's heavy without being dripping in grease, which is exactly what I need in the mornings.

After that, brushed out the suit, clambered in around 11:30 to get my fursuit badge for Lumi. Nearly ended up de-heading in public because I got caught in the hallway right outside of Reg while on my way to get a fursuit badge.

The problem was that I got caught in the crowd of people when they did "Last Call" rights for Furp over the con radios, about 2 feet from one of said con radios; I barely made it to the headless lounge and ended up having to yank one of the napkins out from under one of the water coolers as a handkerchief until the tears stopped.

My scurrying at high tilt to the headless lounge started to tear one of the shoes free in my feet apparently, as while I was walking up the spiral staircase suddenly I nearly faceplanted. Felt like I tripped, and took a'while to figure out... oh, my shoe pulled free. Okay... 'Eff that. Ended up tromping down to the dealers den and poking any and all folks that had any clue who might be able to repair the feet.

Lionel ended up converting Lumi's feet from shoes inside to sandals since neither of us could figure out any adhesive which had a lumikelluke's chance in hell of sticking to the gum-arabic soles of the Vans shoes they were made around without taking days to cure, and I was lucky enough to have brought three pairs of sandals (Wal-MArt had a sale, $3/pair for their $7 sandals I find comfy anyways) so... wacky-conversion later, the feet are about 200-300 grams in weight now.

Compared to my original feet, these are light as a feather. So... a remembrance for Furp and bit of chaos for me turned into a side-ways upgrade for Lumi's feet. They survived musical-chairs in the fursuit games including being wrestled about when I ran in and stole the last chair like a loon, and dancing for a'while as well and just running around for a few hours.

After that, ran around and got into the fursuit games, bumped in Kaiya at some point during this and finally had a chance to actually say 'hello' and chat for five or ten minutes, apparently she spotted my car and recognized the name on the license plate. Yay for having a distinctive and easily identifiable car? =^.^=

After suiting back up, thinking I had another 45 minutes before Isfacat's show, I went to rejoin the fursuit games since it looked like they were setting up beach-ball volleyball. Happened to walk down the stairs and through the elevator lobby area to there, and heard Isfa's voice... turned... ack! Show was already going on. So... ended up sitting through a chunk of his show in fullsuit, which was honestly a fun show for the part I caught. But sadly, poor air circulation meant I'd need to switch to partial-mode, so I scurried out to go do that, dressing up in my business-coat over the partial since the Meet-the-GoH was soon by then.

Ended up going to the GoH-meet in partial, gray sports-coat with a gryphon over one chest side, white slacks, beige RCFM shirt, worked pretty well honestly. Wasn't hot at all, was able to snag some bits of cheese on skewers through the head and relax and enjoy the company before I headed back and de-suited to give the head and hands and feet a chance to air out as well, came back to the Meet-the-GoH party with the same outfit but no fursuit bits, enjoyed the non-alcoholic punch then and actually talking.

Meandered around the hotel for several more hours, spotting people, Duncan is officlally the marathon-suiter of this year, and at some point I expect Duncan to float away with all the balloons they have tied on and around their fursuit. Giving Duncan a hug is half hug, half squeezing through the forest of balloons to get close enough to do so. =^.^=

Anyways... need to go grab breakfast now, and enjoy Saturday. Seeya later, folks!8 commentsLeave a comment

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