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July 13th, 2009
July 13th, 2009
July 13th, 2009
July 13th, 2009
July 13th, 2009

[User Picture]02:38 pm - And my bank-account is officially going "OwOwOwOw!" now... productive day so far.

Stopped back by Zona Rosa, near-final re-confirm of everything, we're still golden. Asked due to the number of folks showing up (3 groups of 4 at least when you include handlers) if we could use a bathroom or something inside to change, they actually said (tentatively) yes, though I need to go back tommorow to get the final say-so just to be sure. (Need a day to confirm, etc, etc, blah, blah.)

But... got that taken care of.

rosequoll, DTD is en route via USPS International Priority Mail, should get there in about a week! E-mail later tonight with WU info.

batnwolf, your BlackBerry 8820 is en route, should be there in a day or two!

And... payed for something to help with the fursuiting stuff, four white mesh baseball caps with a super-bright-red panel on the front that I'm getting embroidered with "HANDLER" in black block print right now, so it'll be easy for security or paramedics or LEO or anyone else to immediately know who to approach if they have questions, to handle whatever suiters want to stay silent as much as possible.

Next... shopping run later tonight to go pick up a flat of bottled water, a crate of sacrificial giant-sized pixie sticks to use as straws, and a six-pack of bottled water with a bright-coloured lid to put the rehydration fluid (Pedialyte/Gatorade blend) in, since it's meant for emergency usage just in case. Yes, I'm hoping all of this money being spent in preperation goes to complete waste. If it does, then things went well. But I'm very much a belt-and-suspenders-and-sleeves kind of guy.

I'm figuring about 20-24oz (1x20oz or 2z12oz, whatever's more convenient to carry for each handler) of water per fursuiter, plus one extra set, plus one set of the emergency-stuff. So yeah, handlers have a bit to carry, but it shouldn't be too bad overall. =^.^=3 commentsLeave a comment

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