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July 30th, 2002
July 30th, 2002
July 30th, 2002
July 30th, 2002
July 30th, 2002

[User Picture]04:02 pm - Well, this is annoyingly good. :-)
Right when I need cash, it turns out that my money order to Feral never got there... Rather than causing them a loss, and me the hastle of fighting with the bank to find it a day after I had to storm out of a RPG group I was in (though not the one I'm a Displacer Beast Paladin in thankfully, though that's another story) I decided to not to go Feral this year.

That means I have another $179 in my name, soon as I track down the god-forsaken money order's serial number.

Thank God For David Folsom! That's all I have to say, a very nice gentleman at the local Washington Mutual that I don't usually go to, but ended up at by chance.

He knows the commands to query the system line by line in their day-by-day journals, including the ones to call up the semi-automated tape backup for previous months from the central offices.

He spent almost an hour after closing yesterday, and another hour today, helping me track down, by hand, my serial number, cancelled it, and got me my money back.

And he's not at the branch I usually go to. He is now though. :-)

Still, I'm happy, I have MONEY for a while. Time to go shopping!3 commentsLeave a comment

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