WolfWings ShadowFlight (wolfwings) wrote,
WolfWings ShadowFlight

Yay... amazing what two minutes with a butter knife and some packing tape can do...

Let me fix a little box-fan for one, the C-clip holding the fan-blade tight against the motor's drive-shaft had worn loose, letting the fan-blade mount polish the drive-shaft to a mirror shine. So... no grip, no fan-blade-spin, no air.

About 90 seconds ravaging that mirror finish with a butter knife, two inches of double-sided packing tape wrapped around it, and wedging the fan-blade assembly back on... I have a working fan again. Quietly drying out my fursuit head, I couldn't resist romping around my apartment for 5-10 minutes just because, one of those, "Pinch me so I believe it's real!" type of things... I really did buy a fursuit just to have something to suit in for the next couple of dozen months until my own gets made. =^.^=

And squee... makes me even more excited about adjusting it to really fit me well. Need to do a couple minute things, re-glue down the flaps of fabric holding the digitigrade padding in place, that's honestly about it. And shorter the legs up by hemming them internally, no major issue there either.

Anyways... gonna go zonk out soon. So... g'night, everyone!
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