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July 24th, 2002
July 24th, 2002
July 24th, 2002
July 24th, 2002
July 24th, 2002

[User Picture]10:14 pm - Ya' know... this is kinda wierd to be saying...
...especially since I've often said I'm a second generation furry and all to so many... I'm starting to see those I actually care about though... walking a different road.

ruggels is a prime example of this, for instance. He's done some wonderful work that I admire, such as his work on 3D models and his work on YERF over the years.

electricgecko is, perhaps, another example of this, as are badwox and arylkia as well. Yes, two of those three are well-known furry artists... but is that really their defining attribute, is it that they're furry or that they're artists instead? That they're wonderful artists, that's what. That they choose furry for their work, and a way to make money in some cases, and in some choices friends, doesn't change that.

ruggels will show up at conventions, dressed in a suit and tie, to provide a large, heavy wall against the 'hangers-on' as they've been described by various and sundry, to prevent the massive hugs, and hair-ruffling, and other nonsense, that happens. He is though, a good person to talk to. Not a good 'furry' to talk to, but a good person.

While I'm very friendly towards many, I avoid much of Furry myself as well, avoiding the politics and what-not as best as I can, trying to help where I always have, trying to find new places to help. Sometimes... I fail. Sometimes... I succeed. Sometimes I make a mistake, sometimes I don't. But regardless, I'm starting to realize, perhaps as I look at things enough, that furry is no longer an attribute in my life, merely a co-existance.

The beliefs I try to have, aren't those of 'furry' but those of myself, those that don't need 'furry' to work. Those that are acceptance, not fighting, not politics, but friendship, working together, not trying to rip each other off, trying to one-up everyone constantly.

I don't see this changing what kind of artwork I enjoy, any more than it changes what conventions I try to attend and help out at. Just... it's something I'm starting to realize, not that I'm jaded, but that I'm starting to have opinions, ones that I don't want to be drug into politics, not simply ignore it like I have, but actively shun it, and other minor niggly changes I'm realizing.7 commentsLeave a comment

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