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February 28th, 2009
February 28th, 2009
February 28th, 2009
February 28th, 2009
February 28th, 2009

[User Picture]06:29 am - Notes for my own benefit mostly...

All these prices are 'first found online' so I know they're not the best prices. But safe to budget around at least.

Quick specs since I'm building this mostly as a multi-mode hybrid of daily driver, autocross/track car, and off-road beasty. 205/70-15 tires for highway use, 205/50-15 tires for racing, both on 6.5" wide rims, same as stock. All top speeds figured at 4500rpm to give a 10 percent safety margin on revs.

58 Crawl ratio. My Jeep Comanche has an ~28 ratio. Top speeds of 6, 12, 25, and 42mph in 4-Low.

Top speeds on-highway are 16, 32, 67, and 115mph, with an 'absolute top speed' of 127mph. This is consistant with the limits of the aerodynamics of the car. ~2550 RPM's at 65mph in 4th gear, ~2050 RPM's in 4th-Over gear.

Top speeds in racing trim (smaller tires) are 14, 28, 59, and 101mph, 'ats' of 112mph.

Breakdown for autocross purposes: RPM's go from 1100-4600 from 15mph-60mph in 3rd gear. Launch in 2nd, stay in 3rd unless I drop under 15mph. I.E. All about gas, brake, and turning, as this engine is renowned for having ~200ft-lbs of torque from 1000-5400rpm's, I'm raising that to ~230ft-lbs but giving up redline by 400rpms specifically to match the rest of the powertrain better.

1st gear is mostly there as a 'damn, I'm stuck' gear, as even with only the other 3 I'll have roughly the same gear-range as a stock Jeep Comanche (3.6 versus 3.73, or 4.5 ratio with the overdrive unit) so perfectly usable fuel econ.

Towing capacity is unknown, the transmission, overdrive, and transfer cases have all been rated at 1500 ft-lbs of torque or better, that's DEEP in diesel range. All of them are good towing 10k lbs or more, the transmission and overdrive rated to over 30k so the weakness will be my transfer case, axles, suspension, body, in roughly that order. I'd rate it at a Class 3 nominally, possibly Class 4 if I reinforce the tow-hitch area enough. The overdrive is also an optional part of this build, if I had an extra $3k to spend on the unit and the replacement driveshafts. It would be kinda nifty to have a vehicle with an 8-speed transmission though, in effect.

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