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January 13th, 2009
January 13th, 2009
January 13th, 2009
January 13th, 2009
January 13th, 2009

[User Picture]11:21 am - FC Preperations are a go...
Airline ticket? Check.
Hotel room? Check.
Slim-line Air/Car/AC charger for laptop? Check.
Power-splitter accessory for slim charger and phone tip? Check.
Extremely over-engineered bag? OhMyGawdCheck...

And seriously... when I can honestly think, "Damn... these secondary removable straps actually do make pretty good belts," and am considering wearing one to work as such because the damn belt by itself just oozes indestructable? Wow. This is at an apex of one of those multi-value triangular things, pegged way the hell over in durable and adaptable with no care for being sleek, it's the type of chunky that someone that drives a Jeep would love. And I'm not kidding, the secondary removable straps are better built than some purpose-built belts I've bought from stores before. My only complaint now is that the secondary detachable bag doesn't have it's own dedicated cell-phone holster anywhere on it for when I wear it without the main bag, which feels a bit like saying the sky isn't quite a green enough shade of blue for my liking.

Still, it looks like I'll have... one bag on my trip to FC. Big-ass shoulder bag, laptop in one half, clothes for the trip in the other half, and roll on through.6 commentsLeave a comment

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