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I guess I really don't fit in, here on the ground...

...of all the roller coasters I've ever been on, none did I love more than the beat-up, forgotten little monster known for my whole life as Flashback, at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

A bit of backstory, for those just tuning in. Flashback was not the usual 'loping' coaster, as I refer to them. (Screw the normal coaster-fanatic lingo, I don't like it.) Most sent you up a hill, romping around for a'while, sprawling out all over creation.

Flashback was 1900 feet of track, in a space less than 200 feet long and around 50 feet wide. Intense barely begins to describe it, but it's not the "scare you" intense many coasters today go for. Neither was it intense in the G-forces it subjected you to.

It was intensely intimate in my opinion, diving swoop after diving swoop that felt like one was flying. It's barely a minute long, but in later years it was often so uncrowded I (personally) got to ride on it without having to get off the ride three times in a row... and looked forward to doing so again some time next summer when I hoped to take a long vacation and drive out to California to visit my family out there.

It's been demolished.
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