WolfWings ShadowFlight (wolfwings) wrote,
WolfWings ShadowFlight

So... yeah... I'm addicted to multi-monitor usage now.

Current work layout is generally quad-head at this point, the two 22" 1680x1050 screens from my company workstation, another of the same driven by my laptop, and my laptop's internal screen, those two VPNing in from inside the building over the DMZ wireless link; initially over my cellphone tethered over bluetooth.

I'm enjoying it enough I started to seriously consider buying the advanced dock for my laptop for home use, then I re-checked my old figures... and my jaw proceeded to hit the floor. Undocumented features of the T61p model:

  • The DVI port on the Advanced Dock supports DVI-DL on this video chipset
  • This video chipset supports 1xDVI-DL to 2xDVI-D splitter cables to drive two screens
  • This video chipset supports single video modes up to 8192x8192, most cap at 4096x4096
  • This means the Matrox 1xDVI-DL to 3xDVI-D splitter boxes could be used with 3x1680x1050

So... um... in theory if I do get the advanced dock, and the $180 video card with the same exact chipset as my on-board video chipset and 2xDVI-DL ports, my laptop could drive a six-screen configuration by itself. And that's before considering trying to hunt down Matrox 1xDVI-DL to 3xDVI-D converter boxes. And said dock works with the next (current) generation of ThinkPad's as well, though I'd possibly have to swap video cards depending on what's on-board 3 years from now.

Or I can just say 'forget all that' and buy the mini-dock for $150 or so, and 'settle' for only 3 screens. =^.^= That's definately the more sensible choice... but this really puts into perspective just what a $3500 'portable workstation' laptop is capable of, even if I scored mine for only around $2500 with almost a better warranty than my car has.


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