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Ya' know... sometimes less really is more.

Somehow I ended up wandering the Inhuman webcomic website and ran across this article he write. How Inhuman is not a furry webcomic and I read that... it's a slog. And suddenly, it went from piles of what felt like useless weasel-words, to a pair of paragraphs, back to weasel words again bouncing around in a box. That whole rant... all three or four screens of it... really boils down to this, and it's a very valid point:

Furry comics are essentially completely human characters dressed up in animal clothes. It does not matter if you were to strip them of their fur. Jack could still be the grim reaper, Mab could still be a fairy magician, Vinci and Arty would still be a gay couple struggling with their problems. The fur is unimportant to them.

It describes his core definiton he's basing his entire argument/rant around, and taken in that context, no, Inhuman is not a 'furry' webcomic. It's much more in the vein of Farscape or Star Trek or even Star Wars than Jack, or Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures. But his definition of 'furry' likely doesn't match the definitions of many of the people reading the comic, I'd imagine. And I fear that struggle to fight the label the general readership wants to apply to him for ease of pulling in other readers for him may end up backfiring in the long term, despite the really lovely art style and decently engrossing story so far.
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