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So... what to improve now?

My little character-editor isn't so little anymore, handling:

  • All the 'officially playable' races from:
    • Players Handbook #1
    • Monster Manual #1
  • All the 'player' classes from the Players Handbook #1
  • Skills and Training
  • Attribute Bonuses from levelling up
  • Showing you your total:
    • Skill bonuses
    • Save bonuses
    • Hit Points
    • Healing Surges per day

So what should I work on adding next?

I'm specifically NOT adding a 'level up' feature, you can just change the level you're designing for non-destructively and modify options as you wish, far easier than implementing the specific 'retraining' rules that many GM's love to modify regardless.

I'm also specifically not aiming for this to be a live play-aid at this time, it's meant to speed up the initial character-creation or planning character-progression and stat changes over time. So what, on here, would make this more useful for 'sketching' out character ideas for folks?

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