WolfWings ShadowFlight (wolfwings) wrote,
WolfWings ShadowFlight

Since other sites have posted one publically without reproach...

...such as PathGuy's 4th-Ed Character Creator, I feel a lot better about simply punting this out publically since I think it's more-or-less finished at a starting level. It doesn't handle feats or powers or anything but stock-book-1st-level currently, but it's very functional on any newer browser.

I'd especially love to hear if it works at all on any cell-phones, I honestly don't think it can in it's current state, but it might. I'll work on a revision to deal with those later, this one's meant for full-blown PC's on limited-bandwidth connections, the entire thing is only 6kb to download, or 3kb if you have a browser that supports gzip compression. Opera and Safari are relatively untested, but I've had reports it works.

Anyways... my interactive 4th-Edition Character Creation Helper.
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