WolfWings ShadowFlight (wolfwings) wrote,
WolfWings ShadowFlight

Holy CRAP this laptop's fast...

...at least, once I cleaned all the scummware off the thing. Geezus... 1920x1200 City of Heroes... ALL the graphics options pegged, all the way up, 60fps. The ONLY thing I could do was turn the particle-count all the way up to 50k+, then turn on a specific 'prestige sprint' effect that uses all unaccounted for particles to leave a massive, constant 'speed line' effect behind you in additive white. THAT managed to get my framerate down to 20, when I was zoomed way in so it was doing a couple dozen layers of blending over top of each other.

But geezus... this laptop is officially insane. I'm UBER happy with it. =^.^= Built like a brick, too, but hey, it's a ThinkPad. I do love that the screen folds flat open though, as odd as that may sound it's useful. And sturdy enough I feel comfortable handing it to someone just holding one edge or corner. =O.o=
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