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So... how bad is the weather out there right now?

Bad enough snow that a trip home from work that usually takes 15-20 minutes took... 90. Yes, an hour and a half. Even giving up 5 minutes for the guy on the side of the road we stopped for, and another 5 for the deer we had to wait for, that's still over four times as long as usual.

I was driving 10-20mph on interstates, folks. Big-rigs were pulling off to the median 'U-turn' in one place, hazards on, and just stopping for the night apparently. The only exception were the 6-tires-wide dual-axle salt-trucks pouring salt on the roads and smothering the snow out of the way to leave a clear path until the plows could get there. The plows were having all their work covered up in less than a mile after they passed.

Only bad point: It took three attempts to dig enough of a groove in the snow to make it up the initial 10-foot hill at the start of my culdesac road. First attempt... 10 feet. Second attempt... 30 feet, and a much better set of grooves to aim for the third time. Third attempt... barely crested the hill.

So, yeah... fun-as-hell drive home, IMHO. =^.^=
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