WolfWings ShadowFlight (wolfwings) wrote,
WolfWings ShadowFlight

Just got back from OklaCon yesterday...

...feeling much better today finally.

Lots of upsides, met some new folks, etc. Had a lot of fun, though the con became snuggle-fest with how cold it was. If you didn't have someone curled up in bed with you, you either had brought a fursuit you slept in, had a fursuit coffin worth of blankets, or had a hotel room/fully heated cabin down the road.

Only real down... moonstone_wind? Your stalker was there. Yeah... that was... *shivvers* Extra-icky, I physically couldn't run interference enough between him and the poor Safari's Sanctuary folks when they'd have critters around, he is really disgusting and made way too many improper comments.
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