WolfWings ShadowFlight (wolfwings) wrote,
WolfWings ShadowFlight

Well, I have a textbook example of why it's always best to buy really good tires with the road hazard warranty.

First... the tires I have on my Yaris since the summer tires... well, they suck even in rain, let alone upcoming cold weather. I was aquaplaning going 30-35 on the 65mph freeway without even hitting 'deep' puddles, and was having a hard time stopping on an uphill slope. These? Non-ABS Eclipse. No problems braking in wet, rain, gunk, snow, or ice. Stable as the proverbial Rock of Gibraltar.

Tire tread pattern

Now: What happened less than 2 hours after getting them put on.

Tire sidewall gouge

No, I have no clue what I hit. Neither does the tire guy. It's almost 3/8" deep and just over 1/2" wide, and happened while going around a round street corner, no debris visible when I circled back around to look, no scuff marks anywhere, no scratches on the paint of the car or anything. There was construction nearby, so best guess we have is I caught a chunk of brick or something. It also wedged the wheel cover upwards, so I'll probably 'need a new one of those' as well since it may break when they pry it off. Magically, it didn't reveal sidewall cords, but they're ordering a new tire for me to get on tommorow. (I'd snagged the only four earlier that same day.)

And I've had all sorts of other crap go on in my life over the last two days... so... yeah. Just one more instance of the fates showing me I do have my ass covered more than I thought I did. =^.^=
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