The expanses of WolfWings' land
scratched on the wall for all to see

June 18th, 2002
June 18th, 2002
June 18th, 2002
June 18th, 2002
June 18th, 2002

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You're a wolf! Wolves come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, but they all have in common that they are fairly balanced individuals. You have your good days and bad days, but in general life goes on. Chances are you're not overly flashy nor too subdued. You manage things with a sort of simple class and are probably talented in whatever you set your mind on. Wolves are a very common type in the Furry world, so that means you're a bit generic...but being part of a group doesn't bother you, and you're quite okay alone as well.

Loner: Coyote
Creative: Dingo
Sporty: Hyena
Shy: Folf
Original: Domesticated Dog

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