WolfWings ShadowFlight (wolfwings) wrote,
WolfWings ShadowFlight

Woo... patience getting rewarded? =O.o=

I... well, I just got called by the TSA. =o.O= Not in a bad way, either. It's been just over a year since I applied, pass the screening tests, and was put in the queue for a background test and all that. They just got back to me finally, asking if I was still interested.

I said yes.

If I get the job, I'll have to move down to Tulsa, but that's okay with me, means I'll be far enough south to not worry about any road-salt at all. I just... wow, didn't actually expect to hear back at this point anymore. Glad I answered my phone when I didn't recognize the number. =^.^=

If I get the job, it's GSD pay scale to start... so, $23.6k to $35.4k... I really need to think about this now. =-.-=

Thoughts, folks? I get the feeling it'll be 'now or never' soon for picking what career I'll be doing for the immediate future, should I really look into trucking at this point, should I stick to security work, or should I take the TSA job if I get the chance?
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